Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I DEMAND my procrastinating to end!

Love the cartoon!

Okay, so today I'm going to force myself to get my big culo off the couch and far away from the TV! Plant it in front of my laptop and write! For the love of God - I haven't written a word for two weeks! Longer then that actually! *Groan*


By Sunday I will have completed revisions on at least 3 chapters! That shouldn't be so hard! Right? Yeah, too bad I only write skeleton chapters the first time around! :)


Christine said...

You can do it Vicky! I think it's the time of year to be honest. There is so much going on and the weather is crappy, it drags us down.

I can get out my whip and use it on you like I did with Amy if you'd like. :)

Vicky said...

Oh that infamous whip! ;)

Thanks for the encouragement Christine! And I'll let you know if you need to get that whip out.

Amy Ruttan said...

Ya, watch the whip.

I went through a dry spell right after NaNo, it lasted a couple of weeks.

I've got chains if that'll help to add to the fear of Christine's leather whip.