Saturday, February 3, 2007

Reading Weekend

I finished my last chapter on Friday! YAY!!! (You know for someone who hates caps lock, I sure write in capitals quite frequently.) Just an observation. :)

Anyways, I decided as a reward I would read Delicious by Susan Mallery. The problem is... I liked it, so then I picked up the next book in the line - Irresistible. Read it. Loved it, even cried a little. So now I'm going to start her third book, I can't not read it, because I know the last one is of the last brother in the series. So yeah, I'm a sucker for any books in a series.

I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint me - even though someone *wink, wink* you know who you are, said it wasn't all that great. I want it to be... I'm hoping with the history of the past books the last story kind of ties everything up nicely. *Sigh* We'll see.

Other than that, until Monday I am not picking up my laptop to write. Or at least I'll try not to. I'm devoting my Sunday to reading the 5 partial manuscripts that I promised to judge, Judging doesn't have to be done until March, but I'd much rather work on it early.

Excited about all of it actually, this is my first unpublished authors category. So I'm curious to see the different styles of writing by unpubbed authors. The titles sound interesting so... well I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Wylie Kinson said...

Yeay, Vicky!! Congrats on that final chapter!!
Perhaps Sizzling didn't do it for me because I hadn't read the first two in the series (I didn't even know it WAS a series!) ... and it had all of these extranious (sp?) characters that I cared nothing about.
Now that I've been informed -- it does indeed tie up a few things, then sets up a fourth book in the series!!

btw - thanks so much for commenting on Uncle Mike's report. He's going to get a real kick out the comments - I'm sure!!

Finally - how do you get those WIP progress meters on your sidebar?

Vicky said...

Wyile - I just finished Sizzling... oh my God! I still can't stop crying! I'm surrounded by crumpled up kleenex, the box, and tea... my eyes are blodshot, puffy and my head is going to explode!!! That was just WAY too much sadness for me! And you're right, reading the other two books might have put the characters into different perspectives, but not enough to make the book that much better. *sniffle*

I liked Uncle Mike's report I think it was great! Plus I can totally picture him reading it in my mind just by your description. :)

If you click on one of my WIP progress meters it will take you directly to
Where you can build your own and then add it to your sidebar. I love having it, and I love when other authors have it... I love seeing how their progressing! I got hooked from Christine's progress meter! :)

Christine said...

Way to go Vicky!! Are you going to tackle revisions right away or are you going to give yourself some space from it?

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats Vicky. That's awesome, hmmm I think I know what you are talking about i.e. judging as I have to do the same *wink, wink*!


Wylie Kinson said...

Sending you virtual Kleenex!!
I LOVE crying in books. Not the crying part, exactly, but the amount of emotion a REALLY good book wrings out of you. LOVE IT.
Have you read One Perfect Rose by MaryJo Putney?? It's got a 17-Kleenex rating!
The first book that ever made me sob was Danielle's Steele's The Promise. I was about 16 years old and in the hospital for an operation. The night before surgery, a nurse came rushing in to comfort me. She thought I was sobbing because I was scared -- but it was just the book!

Vicky said...

Thanks guys!

Christine - I'm tackling the sucker starting monday. :) I'm going to do the second draft and then take a break.

Amy - I don't write entire sentences... just single words. The sentences I'm saving for you. ;)

Wylie - No more sad books... I'm going to have a headache for weeks!!! :)

Vicky said...

Oh, and Wylie... in July 2007 there is going to be a fourth book in the series! ;)

I just realized looking at my list of 50 books, that this is clearly my year for a Susan Mallery obsession! :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

The entire series is incredible and Sizzling, well let's just say that one hot "jock" will be brought to his knees!

Can't wait for Dani's story!