Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Red Lobster

What? I'm posting pictures of a lobster now? ;)

Okay, so I haven't written anything since Thursday. First I wasn't feeling well, then my husband got sick. We ended up going to the doctor's together, and both got some medicine.

On Saturday, we had a great Toronto Romance Writer's Meeting. I got to meet Wylie! Which was fabulous because now I can put a face to the name! :) I also got to see Amy again, and to meet a couple of other new member of TRW.

It was a great meeting. Molly O'Keefe spoke about Great beginnings, rules that we've heard, and things we (as readers) didn't like seeing in other author's books. Molly was hillarious! She made me think about a lot of rules that I have heard about writing over the years, and I'm so glad she stomped all over them, because I'm breaking a lot! ;) What do you mean a book can't open at a funeral and with your characters in conversation?

So all was well, a wonderful meeting with lots of take aways. I came home giddy and excited to get back to my writing and accentuate how my WIP begins... I want everyone to know their at a funeral! :) Screw the rules! And I'm thinking all of this as I open my door....

To my poor red lobster! My husband had an allergic reaction to the medication he was on and is completely red, like a sunburn, and sick out of his mind. :(

My sister, who is a nurse, came over to help me with him, and after some Benadryl, Tylenol and serious recoup he looks a little better today. :) He actually made a joke... "You think it will turn into a tan?"

I can laugh a little bit about the lobster thing today... a little, but I have a feeling a year from now it will be a much funnier moment. :)


Amy Ruttan said...

Aw your poor hubby!

If it works well for you that you open your books with a funeral then ya screw the rules, start with a funeral!

My first TRW meeting was a great lecture called WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' RULES, and I totally believe in that.

If you are talented enough to make it work and the publisher loves your voice, then rules are meant to be broken.

It was great to see you again, I apologize if I didn't seem to talkative, I had a killer headache brewing. I also swear never to bend my thumb over backwards for you in person.

Christine said...

I hope you're hubby is feeling better soon. And remember if you ever want lobster just come to NS to visit me. I'll get us a huge feed.

As far as the "rules" out there, I agree. If it works for your story and your writing, then go for it. Rules are often met to be broken. :)

Christine said...

I just reread Amy's post. She said it first and better. Ignore me...move along...nothing to see...

Vicky said...

You both just made me LMAO! Thanks! ;)

How could I ignore you Christine? :)

Anonymous said...

"We don't need no stinkin' rules" -- ha, I like that! Sounds like a great meeting, and oh goodness, your poor hubby! I hope he's feeling better soon.