Monday, April 2, 2007

My obsessions...

Christine tagged me to reveal five things I obsess over. And although right now my main focus is to find a way to get even with my mom... I still had a list of 5 to put in here... a list that sadly I didn't even need to think about. :)

1.... Facebook. I don't know when I became such a loser... but it feels like it happened over night. One day I was telling my friend that the only reason I signed up to the damn thing was so that I could have yet another way to publicly traumatize him... now I open my e-mail a thousand times just to see if there's an e-mail from facebook. I'm sooooo embarrassed!

2.... Work. I hate travelling to and from work, but when I'm there good luck getting me to leave! An 8 hour day turns into a 9 hour day... turns into a 12 hour day... and yet I still have a million things to do!

3.... Blogging. Something I have once again got back into... although if you notice I have nothing writery to say... nothing writing related. I apologize for this, but lately (for the past 2 months) I haven't been able to concentrate on my writing. It's so sad... and I know some of you might tell me to get back into it... I can't. My brain no longer functions the same way... and I'm not even going to fight it! More of this on Friday.

4.... Sleeping. Obsession? Can't be... right? Wrong! The way I treat my sleep lately can only fall into the obsession department... NOTHING can keep me from my sleep... not my afternoon naps on my days off and not my nightly sleep... wake me and die!

5.... Baking... I hate store bought crap... it never tastes as good as what your craving. Take for instance that damn chocolate cupcake at TTN... I'm still trying to perfect one that's just as good! I'm making a cake version on Friday for Easter. I'm crossing my fingers that it tastes the same... I've been craving it since licking the icing off my fingers!

So that's it! Thanks Christine, for this it was a lot of fun. Now everyone knows how slightly and just slightly :) crazy I am!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Sleeping.. that's a good one!
I fight getting up every single morning.. no matter what time it is.

Wylie Kinson said...

I use to obsess over sleep. Then I had kids and *poof*! No more sleep. Ever. A good night is 6 hours and 'sleeping in' is anything later than 7am.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sleeping, ah yes I remember that well. I love to sleep.

You're so funny with respect to your mom. If my brain wasn't so fuzzy with hay fever I could help you devise a devious plan, maybe involving sharks with frikkin lazer beams attached to their heads. ;)

Anonymous said...

*in my best Homer Simpson voice*: Mmmmm, icing...