Saturday, April 7, 2007

You're all sooooo amazing!

:) You guys are all so amazing!!! Your comments have absolutely made my day! :)

Michelle - Thank you! And I'm counting on getting some of those brain cells back... I have to! I need them! I feel bad when I forget peoples names - which tends to be all the time! :)

Thomma Lyn - Thank you! We'll see if the kitty is as excited as we are... she's a jealous little girl, and in all honesty she's slightly psycho - I think she was abused or something before we adopted her and she gets evil sometimes. I'm slightly afraid of her reaction to a baby, but I guess all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. :)

Amy - :) Yes... I was pregnant at TTN. Which is also why A) I was late, B) I forgot my makeup (how the hell does someone forget makeup when they're going to be on TV?) C) Why I yelled at my husband all the way there to step on it! :) I'm really looking forward to your psychic ability in telling me if it's a boy or girl. I remember you telling me that you have a 100% accuracy rate! :) And yeah, I really am hoping that some brain cells come back. At least I'm starting to get some more energy. I swear to you... this was the first time since being a child that I was conked out every night by 8! :)

Wylie - You so funny! Yeah... I swear to you I work 12 hour days - which is normal... the problem was I slept the other 12 hours! There was no time to do anything else! ;) And yeah... the mommy brain - My doctor laughed at me when my answer to her - What symptoms have you been seeing - I said "I'm getting stupid! Help me!" :) I blame my TTN score on this :) Plus... my eyes are getting bad (which in my opinion is just about the oddest pregnancy symptom I have ever heard of) I'm friggin' going blind! And everyone just says... it will go away. I won't be at the next TRW meeting. :( I still haven't found a friggin' part time assistant manager and unless I leave my full time assistant in the store on a Saturday by herself - which I would never do because somewhere inside my body there is a heart. :) But I'm hoping to have one by the May meeting... I need a Saturday off! As for how far... not far... just a little over 3 months... but for some reason, I swear it's not my eating since I haven't had an appetite, I already feel like I'm the size of a mac truck! ;)

Thank you guys for everything! We're really happy and excited, and I was really happy to finally let this secret out of the bag! Amy - you sent out a meme in late February - the 50 things about me... which I will do tomorrow... because I really wanted to do it and I couldn't honestly do it when you sent it out! I stopped drinking coffee and diet Pepsi - which in all honesty were my lifelines and I couldn't write it because if anyone read this who knew me would have totally known right away! That's kind of how my sister found out... we went to Starbucks together and I ordered a hot chocolate... now picture a huge line behind us... a huge line of people waiting for their drinks in front... my sister turns to me and YELLS - Am I going to be an aunt? :)

Okay... now I'm going to sleep... although I have to proudly say it's 12:58am! :) Yay! I'll talk to you all tomorrow and thanks again for all your kind and supportive words everyone!


Jana the Editor said...

OH MY GOD! I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT! i knew it! HAHA. Yeah, let me just say that i knew you were knocked up even before you did :D

Wylie Kinson said...

About that tired thing... I once read somewhere that during the first 4 months of pregnancy, a woman's body goes thru the equivalent of climbing a mountain everyday. The making of the placenta and baby-friendly environment, all the changes your body is going thru, is physically exhausting. I believe it.
I suspected I was pregnant the moment I NEEDED to take naps after work everyday - cause I'm just NOT a day sleeper.

Sorry I won't see you at the April TRW meeting.

Amy Ruttan said...

I had to nap everyday with Aidan, I think it's because he was so freaking huge.

Congrats to you Jana the Editor on being an Aunt!

Have you had any weird food cravings yet?

This is so cool. I'll miss you at April's meeting, see you in May.

Vicky said...

Amy - Nothing odd... but I absolutely enjoyed the stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey today... food is orgasmic now... and that damn cupcake from TTN still visits me in my dreams! :)

Wylie - that is the wickedest fact. I told my husband because he was always asking me why I was so tired... 'fudge off... you go have a baby!' I used to yell. I then would blame it on the hormones - but he said I've been like that for 9 years so it's nothing new. Jackass! ;)

Angela/SciFiChick said...

How great! Congrats!!!! :D

Christine said...

Congratulations!!! I go away for a few days and all of a sudden there are all these wonderful things happening! Don't worry about the writing right now. Focus on staying healthy. :)

I'm giddy. hehehe