Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Now you see me... now you don't! Sorry... not funny!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting! I totally suck - I know! :) But between the Daphne competition - which in all honesty I haven't even opened the first book to judge - :( Yeah... have been meaning to do that! But I have been so busy trying to get my house spotless so that we can put it out on the market! Yay! (Can I just say - for very selfish reasons, I am so glad we're selling the house now when I'm preggers because my husband has to do the painting! :) I always paint... and never abuse his services... paybacks a... well you know. :)

So right now I'm working, cleaning, dealing with real estate agents and of course trying to find a house for all of us to live in... yeah, that would be nice if we all had a home. I'm so excited to be adopting my sister... we're very close and since my parents won't live in Ontario anymore it'll be great to have my only other family member with us... so close. Remind me of this post... when I'm crying 6 months from now because we're going to kill each other living under the same roof! :) (Love you Editor Jen!)

So once my life gets somewhat settled I'll be back posting all the time again, until then it might be off and on... hopefully more on than off!

I have been reading everyone elses post because I can't even pull myself away from you guys for more than a day... I miss you all too much! Speaking of which, I'm so upset I wasn't able to go to the TRW meeting this month... but I'm living vicariously through your stories! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Christine said...

My favourite thing about being preggers was not having to change the kitty litter for nine months.


I think I still painted, mowed the lawn, and scrubbed the floor. I went two weeks past my due date with my oldest and was trying to encourage her along. She's still stubborn by the way...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vicky! Sounds like a busy time. Remember to take good care of yourself, and good luck with selling your house and finding a great new one for your growing family! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Take it easy, Vicky!! Moving can be uber stressful...
I'll be nice to have your sister close during the pregnancy and once the babe is born. The more hands on deck the better! I'd love for my sister to come live with me.
Well... maybe just 4 days a week :)

Amy Ruttan said...

Ya, I was doing alot of work I shouldn't have when I was preggers. Though I had the excuse that I could pig out on whatever I wanted because of cravings.
Goodluck with the house hunting.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey Vicky - thanks for your vote in the blogger awards!

Vicky said...

Christine - When I found out I was pregnant and my husband found out he had to clean the kitty litter he went right out and bought an automatic kitty litter box - lazy little bastard! :)

Wylie - of course I voted for you! I just had to wait a day for the registration to complete... but I'm crossing my fingers for you!

TL - crossing my fingers for you too! But aren't you both in the same competition? What if you tie?

Amy - I've been doing things at work that have been making the mom's I work with have a cow! :) I kind of enjoy it now! But in all honesty I'm starting to slow down... which is sooo sad to me! As for eating... I didn't even have an appetite until you said lasagna! :) Then all of a sudden my stomache growled!