Thursday, January 17, 2008

7 things about me...

Michelle tagged me to do a "7 things about me" meme so here goes... I've read everyone's and seriously I have nothing that interesting... I don't leave the house much anymore.

1. Until exactly 2 and a half months ago, I didn't do my own groceries! I absolutely despise grocery shopping and love Grocery Gateway! Unfortunately, they don't deliver in Oshawa... so I've had to venture out and be an adult. (Poooey!!!) I still hate it!!! I pray to the Grocery Gods every night to bring me a delivery man! :)

2. Up until this week I hated Elmo... passionately! I know... your thinking how can anyone hate Elmo, but you need to understand that I have worked in a children's and baby store for the past 10 years! I work at Gymboree... we have a TV on the entire day... and guess who sings over and over and over again! You guessed it! Elmo!!! But, this week had been really cold in the 'Shwa and munchkin and I couldn't go out for our regular walks... I think I would have gone crazy if it wasn't for Elmo. So yeah, he's my hero (until the weather gets nice again or I have to go back to work - at which time I reserve the right to hate him once more!)

3. In order for me to write sex scenes (yeah, I know... what a topic after Elmo!) I need to be in bed with the lights off and I need perfect quiet... then the scenes just start flowing.

4. I love craft projects... or at least beginning them, however to date I don't think I can actually claim to have ever completed one! I can probably make you a list of at least 50 projects sitting around the house that I had begun (excitedly I might add) and never finished! :)

5. Until I was 16 (Yeah... 16!) I thought I had the power to perform love spells! :) I received a book from God knows where and it had the directions... all I remember is engraving the persons name into a candle and lighting it and chanting something... Dear God help me!!! I was so gullible! I still am! My husband though, is convinced I cast one on him - no joke.

6. I am the messiest person at home, but at work everything is pristine! I tell myself that it's because I use up all my cleaning energy at work - I've almost convinced myself!

7. I go to bed with lullabies and songs still replaying in my head! My sister got "this is the song that doesn't end" into my brain and I sang it for 2 weeks straight!

Just about everyone has been tagged... but anyone who hasn't done this one feel free... and let me know so I can stop by and read it! Thanks Michelle - this one was a lot of fun! ;)


Amy Ruttan said...

I still hate Elmo. No you're not weird, you'll hate him again after years and years of the munchkin watching.

Treehouse ... ah Treehouse somedays makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

MG Braden said...

1. Oooh grocery delivery - I'd love that. Although I do love grocery shopping. Weird, I know.

2. Yeah, I hate Elmo. Three kids and I still hate him. A lot. Also, a good friend of mine works at Gymboree here in BC (West Van and Vancouver one).

I loved your list! Well done :-D

Vicky said...

OMG! It's soooo good not to be the only one to hate him! I seriously thought everyone would be wondering what the heck is wrong with me! :)

Amy - I watch Gymboree TV - I don't know how much better that is! Although Sharon, Lois and Bram (Bran?) are on it... which goes back to my day... so I sing their songs - loud! Funny how you remember the words even though you might not have sung some songs in decades!!! :)

MG - Everyone I know LOVES grocery shopping! One of my friends actually wasted her breath in explaining how she has to squeeze her fruit so that she knows it's fresh! :)
I love Gymboree! (I have to say that - It's in my contract! LOL!!! Just kidding - sort of.)

Anonymous said...

Fun list! I get songs stuck in my head something fierce, too. I don't mind when they're good songs, but sometimes, I get crappy songs stuck in my head, sometimes crappy stuff from asinine commercials, and then it just drives me bonkers!

Wylie Kinson said...

Neither of my children have had any sort of obsession with Elmo, so I can't say I share your feelings.
The Teletubbies - now we're talking!! My oldest used to watch them (LOVED THEM!!) and after the initial charm wore off, I wanted to scratch my eyes out. And tear my ears off...

Wait a few months,... you'll be into the fun stuff like Max & Ruby (which despite its simplicity, is really an amazingly subtle show -- just watch Max's expressions - they're brilliant) and the Backyardigans (very cool songs that won't leave your brain) and Wonder Pets -- Oh, and Little Einsteins... so cute!!

I love grocery shopping - as long as it's alone. I plan my meals as I wonder thru the aisles.