Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wow, things sure can change in one day.

A couple of things on my mind today:

First off; while I was deep into editing yesterday - somehow the story veered off in a different direction. I can't even tell you how different it is... actually I can. It will no longer fit into the category I was going to submit it for - woopsies! I wasn't bummed for long because I just absolutely love this story. Plus, believe it or not... once I veered off into this direction, a title just jumped off the pages! :)

Secondly; I visited Amazon today and got a kick out of this... because of valentine's day they have two places to shop on their site - For Lovers and For Haters. Of course curiosity got the better of me and I had to see what kind of gifts they had for "Haters". I mean seriously what could you get for them... well... apparently Amazon has figured it out! Movies such as Unfaithful, Fatal Attraction, The Breakup, The Black Widow and The Crush - hehehe! I thought this was a hoot! And to top off the hate... at the top (and I quote) is this "Not excited by all the hype? Giving up on romance? We also offer selected soundtracks, movies, and books to match your more cynical (or realistic?) mood." Hehehe! I don't know why I'm totally amused by this - but apparently it doesn't take much now a days.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I can't wait to stop off and see the progress you all made this week - See you at Christine's!!! :)


Wylie Kinson said...

"somehow the story veered off in a different direction"

I LOVE when that happens!! Even as a plotter...
It's so exciting when the characters become so dang real that they do things that even you, their GOD, didn't expect. :D

What's the title??

Vicky said...


Master Of Her Own Domain

:D Hehehehe! Don't know if it will stick... but we'll see.

Christine d'Abo said...

LOL I love the idea of Valentine's for haters! And I agree with Wylie, I love it when my story takes off into an interesting direction. Just go with it!!

Amy Ruttan said...

That's a great title!!! :D

I love surprises. Hey I'm a panster, I mean I have a basic idea where I am going (actually I lie, I've been plotting for this one I'm doing now) and I've been surprised lately.

Hey do you think that have Valentines for hubbys who usually forget or say by pajamas ten times to small. Like you were before babies, like someone who shall remain nameless did to ME!!! ;)

I bring it up around this time of year to score extra goodies!! LOL!!

Vicky said...

Amy I really don't know the secret to get a man to remember valentine's day... if anyone out there in blogland knows please share.

And if my husband buys me any form of clothing he's sleeping on the couch. Between all of you guys... I still can't even fit into my 6month maternity clothes! Seriously!!! I've been wearing yoga pants for the past eight months!!! Guess what I'll be wearing to our TRW meeting! :D