Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can I get a muse in isle six please!!!

I was all gung-ho yesterday... couldn't wait to get writing. Sat in front of my laptop with my fingers itching... but what the hell do I write about? I mean I haven't even said a coherent sentence since I left and I'm afraid everything that comes out of my mouth sounds like it wasn't thought through! I still have many of these moments... so if you every read something I write and think to yourself... "Self, what is that Vicky talking about?" Well let me assure you that I probably wouldn't be able to answer that question... but enough about my excuses. I was ready to go! Sitting in front of my laptop yesterday... hmmm... how can I explain the moment I had. Well, something like this. It felt like I was sitting in a car, keys in the ignition, foot on the gas - reving the engine full speed... but there aren't any tires on the car and for that matter the car is raised on blocks. Going nowhere. No matter how badly I want to get there! Does that make sense? In the end, I wrote a measly 100 something words... yeah... and the sad part is when this WIP is actually complete not even one of those words might exist! But I'm going to push through... I just wish this one was one of those WIP's that wrote itself... I wish I could say that in all my time off that I have been saving idea after idea - waiting to get them all on paper, but I just haven't. If anyone knows where to get a Genie in a bottle or knows where I can get me some wishes.... please let me know! ;) If only!

Does anyone know if I can buy a muse on e-bay?


MG Braden said...

Seriously - I could if I would. I'm with you. Haven't written in over a month (WIP-wise I mean).

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that would be a hoot, to buy a muse on e-bay! ;)

Hang in there, Vicky, and push through. I know something of what you're talking about. I went through a terrible writing slump last spring. I really wondered if I'd be able to write another novel; it was that bad. But I signed up for a writing challenge (Seventy Days of Sweat), and the accountability helped me so much. I sat my butt in my chair and wrote every day, no matter what, even if I knew that ultimately what I was writing would be changed or deleted. I pushed through to the end, and right now, that's the novel I'm revising -- and I think I'll be able to shape it into a nice, sparkly finished book!

So keep on keepin' on -- when you've been in a writing slump, the writing muscles feel rusty at first, but as you continue to use them, they get stronger again.

Amy Ruttan said...

Where have you been! I've missed you so much!!

Seriously my Muse about a week ago was working over time that I couldn't sleep.

Now, she's being a pain. Edits always sap her strength for awhile.

So glad you're back!!!