Monday, January 21, 2008

Christine's Mid Winter Kick In The Butt.

Okay... you all know about the 'Kick in The Butt'. Nice and early this morning I went to Zokutou to bring up a word meter - because as small as a word meter is I find it incredibly motivating. Zokutou is not working - at least not for me, and now I have this ugly (sorry NaNo people - but it really is ugly!) meter on my site.

Of course, it's all good and I'm sure it will be JUST as motivating as the really nice ones from Zokutou, but it goes to show you why a book cover needs to grab me in order for me to even pick it up to read the blurb! LOL!!! I am such a snob!!! I'm know there is a better fitting word that would suit me right now, but I'm trying to stay motivated! :) *Sigh* You learn something new about yourself every day!

Anyways.... I'm re-posting my goals to hold myself accountable:

BIG GOAL: Finish the current WIP and send it out for February 1st deadline for submission - so I know I need to accomplish this goal! And then (and this is going to be why I need this) try not to think about if my sent in WIP is going to the crap pile or not and still continue writing…. I would like to have another 15,000 story completely polished or have a 30,000 word first draft.

THIS WEEKS GOALS: 5000 words and completing edits.

CHALLENGES: A baby that is recovering not only from being sick (from some mysterious illness - I might add) but also from all the guests that have hugged, squeezed and just plain out traumatized her this weekend. Oh yeah... and a husband who thinks because I'm home all day, I should have enough time to make dinner! MEN!!! :)

Have a wonderful day guys! And good luck with all your goals!


Wylie Kinson said...

Grocery shop AND make dinner?? Jeez, who does he think you are, Superwoman?

Amy Ruttan said...

LOL Re: Wylies comment.


I am so in for this.

Actually if we lived closer I'd do your Grocery shopping for you ... I actually like it. As long as I have a list.