Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are you kidding me?

On Tuesday Christie Ridgway wrote a blog about how she reads men's magazines before she begins a new book just so that she can understand the way men think.

You can click on the image to read her blog.

Anyways, today I went to go get an oil change. To my surprise my husband decided that he would go with me. Oookay. Weird, but whatever - it really doesn't take both of us waiting to get an oil change, but I smile and force the thought from my brain.

So we both head down to the dealership and wait... and wait... and wait. Of course I brought my laptop and notes for the revisions I'm making. Only problem is he didn't bring anything... and boredom slowly got the best of him, making him cranky and antsy. Yay! Just what I needed.

Obviously I couldn't get any work done. So I ask him to help me out a little, and start running off an outline for a mystery that I'm still in the thinking process of. He says - "You've done stalking crimes think of something else." So I throw it back to him. "You know what honey, since we have to wait anyways why don't you think of a good crime that I can put into my book."

He didn't even blink. "Murder and suicide - that's romance."

What the hell? Are you kidding me? Obviously I need him to clarify, because clearly I must be confused.

"It's like Romeo and Juliet." he said. "Even Grisom (From CSI) said it's the most romantic crime."

I have no idea if that's even true - the part about Grisom saying it... but I was still (and am still) stuck on the fact that he thinks that murder and suicide are a passionate crime. Seriously is he nuts?

I came to two conclusions from this conversation...

1. I will never ask my husband for advice again... well maybe if I want to kill off my characters.

2. And if this is how a guys mind works - I don't want a part of it. Seriously - their (or at least mine is) nuts!

It also got me wondering... as much as I love my fantasy men in books - they say all the right things because women create them. I would love to read a romance a man writes just to compare notes... oh... and it would have to be an honest guy who writes it... I don't want the character's to say what they do just because that's what would win the women over. I wonder if that would even sell? Would women want to read about a REAL average man? Or is it that we need the fantasy?

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