Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Okay this one's going to be short and sweet... well... short.

My wrist is killing me (probably because I've been sitting in all the no-no positions - you know how there's pictures of how you shouldn't be sitting at the computer - yeah, well those!)

I'm at a place in my WIP where my characters need some serious therapy and attention... so I'm going straight back to them. I figure I should write until my brain is empty and then I can take a break - which is probably another no-no, but hey.

I know you're all excited about writing a meme about your chosen letter from Angela, because heck, so am I! I'm really interested to see what everyone comes up with so until then.

Ooh... and another thing... I'm going to just say this because I haven't really been leaving this in any of the comments I leave. Lately everyone has been posting pictures of their kids... Can I just say... I have never in all my life seen kids this adorable. And you have to take my word for it because I'm severely allergic to kids! :) So when I say this I mean it. Oh my gosh... writer's have beautiful children - must be something in the genes! :)


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm looking forward to your Letter Meme answers! It's fun seeing how creative people can be.

And I agree, the bloggers have some cute kids!

Vicky said...

Angela - E? I'm planning my list... and apperantly your much better than me at this! I got 4 more I need to come up with! :) I think I'm going to go through the dictionary! :)

Amy Ruttan said...

Aw I feel so left out you got your letter from Angela. Haha E, lets see you do a list of 10 from that.

Why thank you for the cute kid remark. I used to be allergic to kids too (and they didn't like me) it all changes.

I once so a picture on computer posture where the chin was on the desk, chair with body slid back and typing, did you do that position?

Vicky said...

Amy - I have done them all! (the bad positions that is.) ohh... that sounds bad... you know what I mean! :)

And just to let you know...so far I've come up with more things starting with E that I hate!

Eggs - Eeewwww!
Exercise - Eeeeeeewwwwwwwweeee!
Elevators - Yikes!
Eskimo's - Echh!
Elephant's - Echh!
Elmo - Echh! (That's right! I don't love Elmo!)

Not lovin' it, not lovin' it. But I like the challenge! Nice job with the T's - must have been hard - NOT! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

I have NO idea what y'all are talking about with this Letter thingy. See what happens when I spend all day reading and not checking out blogs?! I start to miss the good stuff *pouting*

Thanks for the comment about kids -- if indeed you're refering to mine! *LOL* Not that you can see much with them swathed in winter-wear!!

Christine said...

You guys are great parents that way. I haven't posted a single picture of my girls yet. I'll have to dig one out. :)

And take care of your wrists! I think for tomorrow's Thursday Thriteen I'm going to post some stretches for writers.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Electroshock Therapy
Ender's Game - great book
Evanovich, Janet

.. those are just off the top of my head.. LOL

Vicky said...

Christine - that would be an awesome Thursday Thirteen! :)

Angela - Interesting list, clearly you have a talent for the letter game. Europe did make it onto my list, and Ms. Janet Evanovich almost made it onto mine because she is one of my favourite authors (I'm in love with Ranger) however I must say that her last Novella was well... let's just say that the eyelash curlers made it onto the list instead. :)