Monday, January 29, 2007

New title

Okay, so flying off the seat of my pants was a great idea. I zoomed through this WIP. Zoomed!

It was much easier for me without an outline, I didn't feel compelled to stick to only one thing.

Here's the kicker though, I started off with a police corruption story - hence Force of Corruption, and ended with a not so police corruption story. So... the title kind of didn't apply in the end.

So today, I e-mailed my wonderful sister and asked her based on what she's read from the WIP what should the new title be...

So... Mafia Blood it is. Sounds nasty I know. But it really isn't, well okay... maybe just a teensy bit.

Overall though, I gotta say I really like the direction the story had gone to, and the title is growing on me. :) So all in all I'm happy.

Got diddly squat done on Sunday, but by Wednesday I should have the entire first draft complete. Yay!


Christine said...

Good for you Vicky! I suck at titles and have to get my husband to come up with one for me.

I need a rough idea where I'm going, but I prefer to wing it when I write. I find there is very little to hold me back that way. Unless I get stuck, then it's painful. :)

Vicky said...

Well, as much as I love my husband, last time I asked for help was when I needed to come up with things I liked that begin with the letter E. Instead of actually thinking of things, he omitted the first letters of some things and replaced them with an E. :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Way to go! I'd love to say I zoomed thru a WIP, but the only zooming I do is after my 2 year old before he runs into traffic...

btw - 'Sizzling' was meh.

Amy Ruttan said...

Great title, and if you do NaNo next year you'll zoom right through now problem.

Ugh, I need the energy you had for zooming today.

Send me energy ok?

Vicky said...

I'm sending it to you now Amy.... right now! Did you get it? :)