Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pencil Please!

I go to school full time and I just finished the last of my exams. Yay!

Something I noticed while writing the essays is that I can no longer write them... I mean I absolutely suck! Doesn't make sense right? You would think that the more writing you do - the better you get. Not so! At least with me and essays. I have to write all my essay questions in pencil so that I can erase the extra side notes that I'm so used to adding in. In essays everything is soooo formal. When I'm writing about one of the characters their often silly and speak their minds. It's hard to remember that my teachers really don't care about my opinion. They only want facts. I'll admit that I can probably talk my way out of any essay or paper... but I do slip occasionally and throw in a question to the reader - which my profs hate. Oh well. Hopefully I won't have to write an essay for a really, really long time. Yup - that would be great. I wonder if my profs thought I was crazy though...split personality or something.

And by the way...did I already say... YAY! I'm done my exams!

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