Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love good cops!

Yay! - I spent my morning in court today, and as much as most people hate the police, I find myself extremely fascinated. Anyone that has been forced :) to read one of
my manuscripts knows I absolutely love them!
When I go to court for tickets I have received (at one time in my life I had a speeding problem - I have recovered since then) my police officer is ALWAYS a female with, apparently, a goal to achieve a record of most fines issued. Anyways, today I didn't go to court because I had a ticket. I went to court because my husband had 2.

The cop that pulled him over showed up and I got to meet him... he wasn't a traffic cop, but rather a cop-cop. He was so nice to my husband that I was tempted to ask him for an interview. This is the kind of cop that I love in books - the type that is tough on people who deserve it and nice to the people that don't. Not that I'm saying Danny didn't deserve to get the ticket, but it was nice that the cop recognized that it was clearly his first time in court and helped him understand what was going on (he sat behind us).

While I'm writing this I'm listening to the news about how the police shot someone driving in a car (I could be way off). I'm not quite sure what or why it happened, and I'm not saying anything about guilt in this case, but it does make me wonder who's good and bad, which is why I believe that there needs to be bad cops in books too. To this day, outside of the stories that I've written I have never read a romance book with bad cops - cops that are not the hero's - but I would absolutely love to! Does anyone have any suggestions?


Amy Ruttan said...

I don't think I have ever read a bad cop. Is it taboo? I don't think so in the news you hear about bad cops all the time. Never the good ones until they are killed on duty. I have so much respect for Police Officers (because my cousin is one) and for Correctional Officers (because my brother is one). I think the movie CRASH, has a sort of Bad Cop, where he feels up the girl but then later saves her. In books, I don't know, you have me stumped. Maybe, it's up to you to write that story.

Christine said...

I think in Romance we tend to want the cop to be the good guy. I can't think of any stories right off either where there is a bad cop. You might have a new market there Vicky!