Saturday, January 13, 2007

Margaret Moore and two crayons - who knew I could learn so much?

Today I attended my first TRW meeting and had a wonderful time. It was great to see the successes and - as I like to call them - opportunities celebrated, especially when they are celebrated with chocolate! How can you go wrong?

Not only was everyone amazing, but I was inspired to do things that I haven't tried before - like joining the Thursday Thirteen. Yup, I'm committing to it right now. Thursday I'm in!

Margaret Moore conducted our meeting - she did an amazing job and was just funny as hell. :) During our meeting I had a huge eye opener when we were asked to colour in a picture - yeah - that's right, we had to colour!

Anyways, we got two crayons to colour with, I got brown a blue. What can you do with brown and blue you ask? Well, sorry. I can't help you - I wondered the exact same thing! I sat there waiting. Ohhhkkkkay what's the catch? Do we get up and ask to borrow other members crayons? No, we colour in the picture with what we have.

Umm... brown and blue? I swear to you - as sad as this may be - I broke out in a cold sweat. Surely, Margaret did not want me to colour my moon in brown! Let me just set this up for you, I majored in art. It went against every single instinct in my body to colour that moon brown! But guess what? I survived! I won't lie to you, I still cringe at the thought of my brown moon, but I'll get over it. Clearly I need to practice stepping outside of my teeny, tiny box, and I need to relax. No kidding, right?

So, in the end I learned two things from my colouring project:

1. I think I need to stop taking things so seriously. Nothing needs to be perfect, and

2. Maybe I need to start seeing a therapist! :)

I'm buying a colouring book tomorrow.


Christine said...

Hi Vicky! It was so wonderful to meet you Saturday. Margaret is a wonderful speaker, and I always learn lots when I go to one of her sessions. I'm so glad you had a wonderful first meeting. Trust me when I say they are all that good.

I've added you as a link on my blog. I'll make sure to come visit everyday!

Amy Ruttan said...

Hi Vicki, it was great to meet you! As a recent newbie I understand how nervous that first meeting is.

Brown and Blue, ah man, I had purple and red. I thought to coloring was very freeing as well, and I got a coloring book the other day too ... ssh, don't laugh it was the Care Bears. ;)

I've added you to my blogroll. Can't wait to read your first Thursday Thirteen.

Amy Ruttan said...

You got me thinking about coloring at Goose Your Muse, I had to blog about it too! See, you're inspiring me already.

Vicky said...

Who knew crayons can be so inspirational? :) I'd like to believe that some of the inspriation comes from the people holding the crayons too!

Psst... I got a spongebob colouring book. I figured as long as I had a yellow crayon I would be able to colour most of the pictures without fearing that it wasn't perfect. :)