Friday, January 26, 2007

Giving it all you've got.

I thought this picture was appropriate for today. It's called Garden of Dreams. Ahh! How lovely.

On Monday I received a great offer to work for a company that would allow me to travel throughout the world... what else could I want right? Well... I'll tell you! I'd rather be a writer. Surprise! Surprise!

The new position would require me to work 70 hours in a week! 70 hours! When would I see my husband? When would I write? But I was still considering it. My husband said "Honey whatever makes you happy."

Sheesh! I need helping making decisions. I was given until next Monday to decide whether I wanted it or not.

You know what made my decision for me? Amy's request for a full manuscript. I am soooo excited for her... this is a huge thing! Then I thought of Christine, of course I had to add you in! :) Between the two of them I'm starting to believe more and more that the dream can be reached. As long as you work hard, never give up, and have great friends who support you throughout your journey.

So I turned down the offer. Yup. Figured, I have time. Writing is my dream... if I fail at it, that the job I turned down or something else like it will still be out there for me. Hopefully by then they will figure out a solution to 70 hour work weeks... jeez!

So Christine, Amy, and all other writer's out there that are striving and achieving their dreams, I propose a toast to all of you. May you not only achieve your goals and aspirations, may you also exceed them!


Amy Ruttan said...

WOw, I don't know what to say. I really hope that your dreams do come true. The travelling would have been great but 70 hours!!!! That's insane.

If you are happy with the decision then you have my support, and I am here for anything you need cuz us TRW sisters have to stick together.

Amy Ruttan said...

Actually I should say, THEY WILL COME TRUE! You can make it happen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

70 hours -- ACK!! I would have turned it down, too -- gotta have a life with our loved ones. :)

And I agree, it's far better to go after our dreams than to regret that we never tried.

Vicky said...

You guys make me smile! Thanks.

I'm actually very happy about the decision. Feels like a weight (that I didn't even know I had) has been lifted off my shoulders.;)

Are you going to write in caps locks too Amy? :)

Amy Ruttan said...

Yes. I shall, the whole blog entry (if I get the call) will be in Caps Lock, I promise.

Christine said...

Good for you Vicky! A lot of people would be tempted to give up on their dreams with an offer of a good job. And I agree 70 hours is icky no matter how you look at it. What happens when/if you want to have kids. Heck, just being able to spend time with my husband is worth turning that job down.

And I agree with Amy. You will make it, just don't give up. :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Ohhh, that one would have a been a tough decision for me. Hubby works about 70 hours a week (or did before we had kids, anyway), and I LOVE to travel... Hard to find the balance sometimes, isn't it?

Good for you for following you heart. Dreams can't come true unless you have them -- and strive to make them a reality.
We look forward to cheering for every little (and big) step in your writerly journey!!!!

Vicky said...

Thanks guys!

I really appreciate all your kind words. :)