Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The letter E

So this letter meme came from Angela, a.k.a. SciFiChick :) She picked the letter E for me. And even though just about every word has the letter in it - it was extremely challenging for me to come up with a list of 10 things I like beginning with this letter... but I did! So... on with the show...

1. Emergency Task Force Unit - *sigh* I don't know when it all started. I always loved my law enforcement in romance novels, but the first time I saw the ETF men tear up the streets of Toronto in their trucks, I stopped breathing. Wow! There's just something about the power and control they exude - Yummy!

2. Europe, Slovakia - another *sigh* Outside of my mom, dad and sister, my entire family is spread all over Europe - Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy. You name it, I have someone that I dearly love living there. :( It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't born there and didn't know anyone...but no. I lived there for eight years and love and miss everyone every single day. that was a little boo hoo for me.... so here's a mini story. My parent's just came back from Slovakia last week - they always go for New Years. Anyways, my wonderful 49 year old mom (16 on her birthday cakes - every year!) came home with a tattoo! :) My little cutesy short mom. A tattoo! Apparently we have some bad influences back home! :)

3. Eva - My aunt and Godmother - Sorry... *sigh* I love this woman like a second mom. When I was a kid, every day when my mom got off work we would go to see my aunt, who lived on the other side of town. One day, when I was four, my little sister got really sick, and my mom said "Not today honey. We have to stay home." So what does four year old me do? I decide I can go by myself. Somehow I managed to sneak out of the house and down the street, until guess what I had no idea where to go. So I started asking strangers "Do you know where my Aunt is?" Yup! That's what I did! Thank God we lived in a small town! So one of the strangers recognized me and new my family, he took me to my aunts house and she called my very upset parents. They still tell this story ALL the time when we're all together. :)

4. Espresso (two shots) mixed with skim milk :) - yeah that makes a latte, but I couldn't put latte - L is Christine's letter.... so I had to be creative!

5.Ernesto (Hurricane Ernesto to be exact) So last year Hurricane Ernesto hit, guess where I was? Cuba. Guess what I was doing? Getting married! Yup! I sure can pick a date. All my friends and family flew down to Cuba for the wedding. The weather was gorgeous, then two days before the event they start to board off all the windows and anything made from glass. They sent out warning letters and told us if the hurricane hit that the safest place for us is the bathtub! The bathtub! And they brought us all candles for when the power went out. So Ernesto hit - big whoop! It rained for a day! My best friend and I actually begged the guards to let us walk the beach - which they did after some serious begging and promising that we would not under any circumstances go into the water, or near it. We took these pictures - Aren't we creative? Don't laugh too hard! Anyways... the reason I love Ernesto is because well for one it was quite entertaining and two we had the most beautiful day on our wedding - there was even an actual breeze! In all the time I've been in Cuba I've never felt a breeze.

6. Erotica Romances. Enough said.

7. Eating. I had to find a way to say Chocolate with only using an E! :) But truthfully I'll eat anything! Ohh, except celery of course!

8. Easy Bake Oven *sigh* I love baking! My grandfather owned a bakery and when we left Slovakia I always dreamed of owning my own. When I was ten my parents bought me an Easy Bake Oven for my birthday. I was SO excited. My dad set it up for me and then something on the box caught his eye. "400 watts of power!" He yelled (I don't remember exactly how many watts but you get where I'm going here.) "This could kill you" he yelled, and then cut off the cord! Yup, I had an Oven that you couldn't bake in! It really isn't as much fun. I'm happy to say I have my own oven now... and I'm adding inches to everyones waist. Muhahhhaaaahhhaahhhaa!

9. Eyelash curlers. If I were stranded on a desert island I would take... most people say lipstick and mascara (as makeup choices). I would take lipstick and eye lash curlers. I don't need mascara if I don't have the curlers! Plus, how do you take off mascara on a desert island? Salt water - I don't think so!

10. E-mails! Has there been a greater invention? (Besides the Internet I mean) Could you imagine if we still wrote letters? Yes, letters have something whimsical about them, but they don't have spell check! And they don't get there instantly!

So there is my list. It was actually a lot of fun! Thanks Angela! And if you guys want a letter let me know, and I will pick one for you.


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Great list!
Very cool that you were born in Slovakia.
And yes, email was a very necessary invention! I hate wasting so much money on stamps.

Amy Ruttan said...

Great list, I have to admit you did awesome with the letter E. Your list had more exciting things than my poor old T could ever list.

Great job.

Vicky said...

:) I try... and speaking of trying... Amy I'm trying to come up with an idea for a title for you... but I've NEVER read a historical, so if it's super stupid... Don't laugh too hard. K?